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big al's journal

mine, all mine

9/12/04 08:16 pm - Earthbound!

I have just started playing one of the greatest games of all time, Earthbound. This game is amazing. I just love this freakin game. Since Ness is my favorite videogame character, I just love Earthbound. This game rocks..

Today I was on the phone with krisco227 for quite a while. She added me to her friends list as I added her to my friends list.

Other then that, I've been playing earthbound all day, since that game rocks! Between that and pacman, I don't know which is better.

I think a little while ago I posted something about a list called the top 100 games you must play before you die. I've officially finished one of the entries and shortly I'll be making a website and adding that. Stay tuned because in the near future I'll have one of those.

Well I'm off to search for a reliable web hoster

-big al

Edit: I made the site for my top 100 games:

9/11/04 08:39 pm - Noone to talk to..

Since noone is online, I have to update this livejournal thing. I guess this is gods way of making me do something, cutting me off with all communication to the outside world. Well, here we go..

School started Wednesday, it's all right. I mean, at least some people who weren't in many of my classes are in some of mine this year *coughKRISTYNcough* which is a definite good thing.

Yesterday was quite boring, I was at my aunt's house with nothing to do, no phone or internet. I would have killed if I was able to get online for a couple of hours.

Today I got home from my aunts thank god. That was the biggest bordom fest ever. Other then that my weekend was ok. Well this is the end of this update.. *THE END*

(Hopefully someone will come online now)

9/7/04 11:41 am - One more day until the gather of the demon children to be held captive in the hell hole..

Oh boy.. this is my last day of freedom before we get sucked back into the hell hole known as "school". This is lovely. I plan on playing the crap out of my xbox to the full extent so I can get all the game playing out of the way and be ready for the homework, and my dreaded english teacher to tell me what I should have done over summer break. Well.. we were supposed to read 3 books, but being me technically I read and understood one book. The two I hated were Jack London's "Call of the Wild" and "The Time Machine" by some other guy that I hate. I figure I'll just wing it. Yesterday was an ok day. BAsically I did the same thing I have done every day since summer break has begun, play video games, eat, watch tv, go online. Very simple, very entertaining, very predictable. Well there's not much to talk about now since it's not even noon yet, so this is the end of this.

Anyone who reads this crap please leave a comment, because I want to know at least one person is reading this so I'm not wasting my frickin time.

9/5/04 08:57 pm - What would be a good title?

Mehh, I'm not quite sure..

Today I went to blockbuster and got a PO copy of Counter-Strike, which by the way is an ok first person shooter, but I do not reccomend it to people who do not like the Unreal Championship/Tournement series. I've played it a bit and I figure it's a good game and it was well worth the 15 bucks. Hopefully by the time I get xbox live people will still be playing it (I plan on getting xbox live by halo 2).

Today while playing halo at a friends house, my friend's mom came downstairs and told me that there were a couple of kids looking for me. Low and behold there were, Chris Louis and Dan. Lucky me the found me be talking to my mom.. Well they talked to me a bit and then I said I got to go, I'm prolly getting wasted in halo and then they said "Did you pass school?" "No" "REALLY?!" "Naw, I'm just playin with your balls.." "EWW YOUR FREAKIN GAY!!!" I just love to piss people off..

We had an early labor day at my house today, my grandparents, my uncle and my cousin came over for a spaghetti dinner in 80 degree weather which was an adventure on it's own. We ate, it was good, had our usual arguments, and they left. My cousin is here till about 10 tonight because his parents are at a wedding which is another lovely thing.

I've taken up a new mission, I code named it "Project big_games" In this project I will make up a list of the top 100 games that all of you must play before the day you die. Each entry will include the following:

- 1 Review of the Game
- 1 Screen Shot of the Game
- 1 Challenge for you to complete

This way for those of you who are interested can follow my footsteps and go through and play all of these great games. I will begin commensing Project big_games, tomorrow at dawn and I will go through my games thinking of possible nominees and possible games I need to get and play the shit out of. Well until next time..


9/4/04 04:36 pm - An Update.. Now this is amazing..

Well it's that time again to write in this stupid live journal. Well it's not stupid, it's just very time consuming. Anyways.. School is right around the corner, and I'm gonna do good this year. My goals:

No 80's
No Detentions

Chances of being successful: 34.5%

Well, with school being around the corner I successfully went to the mall the other day and got a few shirts.. Some old navy, a couple south pole (they were 9.99 a piece.. c'mon..) and a few walmart shirts :P. Also I got a special shirt, a family guy football jersey which is sexy to the max.

Well today in the gaming world of big al, was a successful day. My brother, Crumpets and myself have completed Conflict Desert Storm II: Back to Baghdad. Too be quite honest, I can't wait for Conflict: Vietnam. Also I have begun the hunt for a new army game to play, so any reccomendations are greatly appreciated. Also if anyone knows of any games that are four player co op besides Conflit I and Brute Force, please let me know.

To close things up, I got a sexy new design. Look at this sucker, I mean c'mon it's so awesome!

Well family, friends, enemies and stalkers. It's time to say goodbye..

-big al

8/11/04 11:54 am - New Journal

For some reason whenever I tried to post on my other journal my computer froze up, so I got this new one. So recently I've been posting on the emucation boards quite a lot, I'm almost up to 3 quarters of a million of points, which ain't all that much. Umm, I think I'm gonna make a list, of the greatest RPGS of all time, starting with the Nintendo and working my way up through each system up until the gamecube/xbox/ps2. It's gonna take a long time, but I think I'm up for it. Not to mention since rom_feast</lj> hasn't done much with his except Metroid II: Return of Samus, I'm gonna make my own.

Well with my next post I'll have more information about my little greatest rpgs of all time list..

-big al

P.S. Anyone reading this, if you are interested in downloading roms.. wait you more then likely don't know what roms are. Well if you are interested in downloading free Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Genesis, Neo Geo, or any other older system then N64/Playstation Click here and register!

8/9/04 12:11 pm - My empty live journal

Welcome to my livejournal, theres nothing here yet, so get the hell out of here!
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